Sérénité Luxury Monaco

Sérénité Luxury Monaco is first and foremost the story of its up front, inventive and creative founder and artistic director, Laurent Chagnard. As a professional designer, he quickly specialized in 2006 in the import and export of outdoor upscale furnishings. With his experience, the encounters he made and his market analysis, he decided to create his own brand design and barted his businessman skills for drawing in 2008.

Visionary and self-taught, he quickly developed his first furniture lines (ProvencePorto VecchioSt. Barth, etc.) and perfectly captured the expectations of its customers looking for the unexpected, originality and comfort. In 2009, before the increasing demand and expansion of its structure, he decided to develop its research department and met Maxime Dumarchey, just out of school, with whom he is now associated on new creations. Confidence grew quickly between the two men. Laurent Chagnard entrusted quickly his vision for future creations.

Aware of the importance of cultivating unique creative skills, they developed some new services, tailored design and consulting in space planning. The impeccable quality of production and aesthetics of their furniture enable the brand to keep a strong footprint while bringing all their projects personalized service and special listening.

Being different” is the common denominator that unites the team.

Sérénité Luxury Rugs

A Sérénité Luxury Monaco's brand

Serenity Luxury Rugs is the department of Serenity Luxury Monaco dedicated to the design and manufacture of custom-made carpets and carpets 

Serenité Luxury Monaco is first and foremost an international brand well-known for the creation of high end furniture for outdoor and indoor use.

Our furniture collections encompass almost 30 collections, as well as furniture drawn and produced according to hotels interior designrestaurant renovation projects and other commercial spaces . All our collections and limited editions are designed and manufactured by our team with a unique quality and exceptional finishing details.